Saturday, June 13, 2009


So, now that my baby has become a toddler - I'm finding myself with a LiTtLe more time to myself. I've been trying to hone some skills in photography and editing. Especially editing. I plan on starting a weekly themed photo contest (even if I am the only participant) to get me thinking more creatively and well, basically just shooting more stuff.

This week I learned about layer masks and decided to try out what I learned. I took Addison outside and played around with some shots and decided to merge one of them with a new foreground. I love daffodils and had a few shots of them so I made a picture of my baby sitting in a field of my favorite flowers! Here's what I got:

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Carl said...

What a doll.She looks just like you. Just came across this and wanted to say high. Every thing going well it seems.

-Carl Vicars